The original idea was something much bigger. Social media was becoming bigger and bigger and what was going on on social media didn’t interest me. I felt there could be a opportunity for a Sports Social media platform just like LinkedIn was the business social media platform. A place that you can easily post your tennis match results, easily post your morning run. There was also the idea to sync up all there different running and cycling apps so that you can do virtual competitions. I was also very excited about being able to rank players among friends, tennis clubs, area and country. I often spoke to a friend, college, roommate and main tennis rival Pierre Zeeman and he was also excited about the idea and wanted to be involved. We spoke to some investors but after a few meetings it didn’t sound like things are going anywhere. Up purchased a few social media plugins and themes and that stage I was still using Joomla I spent a entire December designing and putting together what I could, in some moments becoming very excited that I might become the next Mark Zuckerberg and in other moments feeling like I am wasting allot of time and money on something that will never work. I quickly became stuck streching the very shallow limit in my coding ability and started working with Indian programmers, I went through a few some doing good work and some not so good at some point I started working with company SuperNova System. They where great and where cheap but their prices went up and up and I stopped being able to afford more work for something no one is using.

I joined the Constantia Tennis Club and being one of the younger members I was asked to join the committee and help with social media. A friend that had a coffee company and at that point was very passionate about his tennis Friedl Basson was convinced we needed a booking system for the tennis courts. He asked me a few times if I could do it and I reluctantly said yes. To be honest I wasn’t that excited about the idea but at the same time it would be great to add a function that people actually wanted and maybe my sleeping giant could wake up. It got lonely being the only person posting his own tennis scores his own tennis platform.