Club Manager

Below are frequently asked questions for Club Managers. Club Managers have access to the club admin panel and can manage club members and court rules.

User role is something linked to a members profile that gives them less or more options on the platform.

Here are the current user roles available:
Parent Player
Club Manager


This is a general member user roles that is an active member at the club and can book.

Parent Player:
This is the same as the Player user role but they have the added option to book with “Child Member”.

This is someone that is not a member at the club and that can only book if they pay upfront.

Club Manager:
This is for anyone at the club that manages members and court rules.

Parent Player user role is a way to deal with members who have younger kids and don’t want to register an account for their kids. They might not want to register an account for their kids because their kids don’t have an email account yet and all accounts on Open Active needs an unique email address. Also they might be concerned for their kids to have an account that anyone can book with.

When a Member is set to the user role Parent Player they will have the option to book a court with a generic name “Child Member”. “Child Member” is similar to the “Guest” option. On the final step of booking they can type and select “Child Member” instead of an actual member name. There are no limitations currently for the account of “Child Members” they can use in a booking. At this stage it is left to the user’s honesty.

The Club Administrator can change a user’s role by ticking the box next to the user’s name in the Admin Panel and then choosing the new role in the change role drop-down above and then clicking change.

Club Player

Below are frequently asked questions for Club Members. Club Player are active paid members of a club using Open Active.

Please check your junk mail and if this is where emails are going to, right click on email message (Before opening email) and mark as ‘Never block sender’.

If not found please message us to resolve.

Below login details is a link for retrieving forgotten password.

At this stage it is not possible.

Only the word Guest can be selected from list and once selected it will give you the option to enter name and number of the Guest.

To change the name of a playing partner/s, cancel the existing booking and re-book.

If a club has enabled the feature for guests to pay and book then they can.

Registered members that book for a guest/s and will be responsible to get the visitors fees to the club.